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Water vs. Fire: Should You Add a Fountain or Fire Pit to Your York, PA, Landscape—or Both?


Some of the most exciting experiences in your York, PA, landscape can be brought on by adding the elements of water and fire. But which one should you choose?


Some of the most exciting experiences in your York, PA, landscape can be brought on by adding the elements of water and fire. Water features such as a fountain can provide a wonderful ambience or an exciting spectacle at various intensities. Fire features such as a fire pit can bring back memories of childhood camping and help you and your loved ones create new memories. But which one should you choose?


The Look and Style of a Water Fountain

There are so many different kinds of fountains that can work with any landscape design aesthetic. Some fountains are built to a naturalistic design which can take on the look of a bubbling spring, fitting well in a Japanese zen garden. Classical style fountains evoke the feeling of an ancient Mediterranean villa with their weathered travertine or marble look. Modern laminar jets can shoot water in jet streams across a pool, creating a dazzling show of water and light. Sheer descent waterfalls can transform a retaining wall into a thing of beauty while adding white noise for a soothing effect.

The Look and Style of a Fire Pit

Fire pits are simple. Either circular or square, wood- or gas-fueled, fire pits radiate heat in all directions and bring back the feeling of a campfire. Depending on the size and fuel you choose, the fire pit could be a central feature on your patio or even a “destination” feature farther out from the main outdoor living space. Fire pits can be masonry structures, or you can use metal or concrete bowls for an ultra modern look.

The Benefits of a Water Fountain

Fountains have been integral parts of outdoor living spaces for generations. The moving water will stimulate the senses, playing with sounds, visuals, and even offer a tactile experience. As a gentle trickle, a fountain can focus the calm energy in a small space. At a higher intensity, a fountain can be an exciting thing to watch. With fountains, you get to choose whether you’re after serenity or excitement—or a little of both.

Fountains are also wonderfully adaptable to the size of the backyard patio. They can be very small, and tucked into a corner to provide background ambience. Or they can be larger and more prominent as central focal points.

The Benefits of a Fire Pit

The fire pit is intended not only to be a place where you can warm your fingers and toes, but to be the center of a communal space. Aside from an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit is often the favorite gathering spot on a patio. The space around the fire pit will be filled with warmth and beautiful, soothing fire light. It only makes sense to add a comfortable seating area that surrounds most of the fire pit so your friends and family can linger and share laughter and conversations well into the evening.

Building Them Together

Thankfully, there’s no reason not to benefit from these seemingly opposing elements. When combined in the same space, fire and water can create an amazing ambience and welcoming feeling. The fountain will reflect the warm firelight, and the fire will add a sense of coziness. The combination is practically irresistible.


Image courtesy of Unilock