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As day blends into dusk, a roaring fireplace or fire pit provides priceless ambiance and comfort to an outdoor space. Design preferences and artistry can truly shine when constructing a customized fire feature, inviting the utilization of endless varieties of stones and veneers.

Location and structure speak worlds to the experience of the fireplace itself. Each fire pit can act as a standalone structure in the center of a gathering area, blend with an existing structure, or perch before a stunning landscape’s view. Watson Supply provides all necessary accessories and materials to create a safe, durable, and elegant fire pit or fireplace design.


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Do you have a question about fireplaces or firepits?

It all depends on how you intend to use your fire pit! Gas fire pits are very convenient in that you can light them and enjoy a fire very quickly, and then turn it off when you are finished without having to worry about putting out a fire with water or waiting for it to burn down. Local regulations may allow a gas fire pit while NOT allowing a wood burning firepit installation. The downsides to gas fire pits are that you should not cook on them, and you do not get the “real wood” effect from your fire. On the other hand, many people prefer “real” fires made by burning wood. If you like the process involved in cutting and carrying wood, building and tending a fire, cooking on it, and the sight and smell of burning wood, then this is the way to go. Be sure to check local regulations, as some municipalities prohibit wood burning fire pits. If you do prefer wood, be sure to check out the Zentro Smokeless Fire Pits HERE (link to Zentro product page). Available in both freestanding and in insert style, the Zentro DRAMATICALLY reduces the amount of smoke a wood fire produces.

It is best if you do. For gas fire pits, this will keep water intrusion to a minimum, which will make the gas components last as long as possible. For wood fire pits, covering when not in use will keep the mess to a minimum. If you’ve ever tried to clean up wet ashes, you would understand why keeping them dry makes life much easier.

Yes, ventilation is always recommended. Not only will ventilation aid in combustion, but it will also allow water and moisture to dry out from under the pit. For gas fire pit, it will allow gas to escape in the case of a leak. Cross ventilation (vents on both sides) is the most effective way to allow air to circulate.

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