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Kichler Path Light Promotion

Upgrade your outdoors with Kichler’s new shallow shade path lights. Order 10 and get 2 FREE! Shop Online Today!

Is Outdoor Lighting Available at a Landscape Supply Near Lancaster, PA?

Outdoor lighting offers a way to show off your lovely landscape design, even after the sun goes down. As you work toward convincing your customers that outdoor lighting deserves to be considered in your next landscape project in the Lancaster, PA, area, you will also want to know the variety of lighting options you have at your disposal.

Embracing Smart Irrigation: Securing Our Future

July marks the return of Smart Irrigation Month, a time when we celebrate the strides we’ve made in the irrigation industry, exploring the profound impact of intelligent irrigation technologies and practices on our lives and communities

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Gorgeous Unilock Pavers for Harrisburg Hardscapes

The hardscapes of your home would be incomplete without gorgeous pavers for the “floor” of the structure. In Harrisburg, PA, finding suitable pavers is as easy as consulting the Unilock catalogue. The company offers easy to install, durable, and affordable options that will appeal to the homeowner’s eye for beauty and the contractor’s interest in quality and unity.

The Advantages of Using Concrete Wall Units to Build Retaining Walls in Lancaster, PA

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to materials for customizing your Lancaster, PA, landscape designs. From sleek concrete blocks and large stone slabs to small, charming natural stone pieces and burnt bricks, there is a vast range of materials at your disposal. However, this can make choosing the right material for a particular feature a little more difficult than if you were presented with more limited options.

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