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How to Get the Most Out of Patio Pavers in York, PA, Landscapes


As you work with a variety of clients, in a variety of York, PA, outdoor spaces, you are not only creating beautiful landscapes that they will be sure to enjoy.


As you work with a variety of clients, in a variety of York, PA, outdoor spaces, you are not only creating beautiful landscapes that they will be sure to enjoy. You’re also forming bonds and lasting relationships that will both keep your clients happy and benefit your business when they call you back for a new job, or recommend you to their friends. You know how important it is that your work exhibits the best quality and balance of beauty, comfort, and durability. Patio pavers are a feature that can be used in a variety of ways, and will retain their beauty for years to come—here’s how to make sure your clients get the most out of them.


Choosing the Right Pavers

Your clients will be glad to have high-quality pavers that last for years. Although at first glance some lower-quality pavers may look stylish and appealing, they will quickly become worn, chipped, and faded. We can assist you in guiding your clients to choose the best pavers for their style and purpose, from a variety of high-quality pavers in different sizes, colors, and shapes that will fit their budget and truly last a lifetime. The best patio pavers are built to last for decades! 

Maintenance for Patio Pavers

Along with providing advice to your clients about the quality and style of pavers that will work best for their projects, they will appreciate your efforts to educate them on the best upkeep practices for their pavers (and, of course, other fixtures of their landscaping). Whether you offer ongoing maintenance services or not, you will strengthen your relationship with your clients by discussing ways they can maintain the quality of their landscape. 

Suggest the application of sealant, immediately upon installation and continually every three to five years, to “save” the look of the product. A topical, or surface sealer, will coat the pavers with a luster that highlights and preserves the color and beauty of the pavers, and protects the surface from wear-and-tear damage. Penetrating sealers do not form a layer on the top of the pavers to enhance their look, but instead act as an invisible protectant against damage from ice and extreme heat. You can guide your clients to choose the best sealer for the type of pavers they choose, and the look or function they are hoping to achieve.

In addition to applying sealant, some other best practices for your clients are to sweep their pavers regularly to keep debris from gathering on and between the pavers, and occasional power washing to remove any stubborn stains that may have accumulated over time. Advise your clients to keep an eye on when they may need to reapply jointing compound, if it has started to become loose over time.

Proper Installation

A carefully planned design will take into account the unique features of each landscape and the needs of the client. Your clients will notice and appreciate it when you take the time and care to plan and prepare their design with attention to accessibility, drainage, relationship to other structures in the yard, and creating a solid foundation that will add to the pavers’ longevity. With the proper setup and preparation, the pavers will stay in place for years to come without settling farther down into the earth or shifting out of their original places. Proper site setup takes time and energy, but is worth doing correctly—sometimes with the help of excavators if services such as grading and leveling are necessary.

In addition to the proper setup, also give appropriate attention to edging, cutting and shaping, and leveling during installation for the best quality of each unique project that you do. Your clients may not notice every single detail that is part of the installation, but as they enjoy their patio, walkway, or landing, they will notice how its beauty and quality lasts.