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Appliances You Need for Building a Backyard Water Oasis in Harrisburg PA


Water features are in demand for almost every backyard renovation. Create the best possible water feature for your Harrisburg PA clients by starting with the right appliances.

Water features are in demand for almost every backyard renovation. Create the best possible water feature for your Harrisburg PA clients by starting with the right appliances. Watson Supply carries quality brands that cover all your pond, waterfall and fountain installation needs. These appliances will help you build beautiful backyard water features that your clients will love.

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Pond Filters

A good pond filtration system is a must for maintaining water quality. There are a variety of pond filters and filtration systems to support different sized ponds and water features.

A submersible pond filter attaches to the intake valve of the pond pump providing effective water filtration for ponds of up to 800 gallons. A decorative Pond Filter Urn will provide filtration for smaller ponds and can help create moving water in ponds without a waterfall. It can also be used in addition to existing filtration on larger ponds.

Filter Falls will allow you to create the beauty of a waterfall with biological filtration built right in. Filter Falls are available in a variety of different sizes, so you can select the right flow and width for any job. They also have room for increased filter capacity as ecosystems grow. Ultraviolet pond filters use a high-output UV bulb to eliminate algae, creating clear water and optimal water conditions.

Pond Pumps

The pump serves the important purpose of drawing water through the filters, keeping the pond water moving and clean. Watson Supply deals with top quality Atlantic and Aquascape pond pumps. Our pumps are low maintenance and will not corrode or rust. Whether you’re constructing a large pond system or a small fountain, we have a pump with the right flow and the correct wattage for your needs.


Aeration helps improve the overall health of a pond by adding oxygen and circulating the water. Oxygen is crucial to fish life while circulation helps reduce algae and weeds. Aeration also produces clearer water and helps eliminate that stagnant water smell.

Aquascape aeration compressors are available in different sizes to accommodate ponds of up to 15,000 gallons. The compressors can be purchased separately or as part of a pond aeration kit. For large ponds, Atlantic’s aeration systems offer everything you need to maintain a healthy ecosystem. The system is designed to be efficient and includes air compressors, diffusers, tubing and all the necessary accessories.

Automatic Dosing System

Keep water feature maintenance to a minimum with an automatic dosing system. The system automatically adds water treatments to ponds, waterfalls or fountains. This will simplify the maintenance process and eliminate guesswork. Water treatments help prevent issues such as murky water, unpleasant smells and buildup of organic waste. Simply program the system based on the size of the water feature to provide the right dosage for your client’s needs.  

Pondless Waterfall Kit

A pondless waterfall is one of the most requested backyard water features. A pondless waterfall adds the beauty and tranquility of a water feature without the large-scale requirements of a pond. Pondless waterfalls require less maintenance than a pond and are energy efficient.  


Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Kits are available in three different sizes. Stream sizes range from 6 feet to as much as 26 feet, allowing you to choose the right size for your client’s landscape. Each of the three kits comes with everything required to build a beautiful pondless waterfall. A complete kit includes pond pump, spillway, waterfall vault, dosing system, liners, pipes, valves, sealants and all the necessary fittings.

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