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4 Things to Look for in a Landscape Supply in State College, PA


Landscape renovation projects go a lot smoother with the right materials and the right equipment. To ensure you’re working with the best, here are 4 things to look for in a landscape supply in State College, PA.

Landscape renovation projects go a lot smoother with the right materials and the right equipment. To ensure you’re working with the best, here are 4 things to look for in a landscape supply in State College, PA.

1. Do They Specialize in Landscaping?


A good landscape supply company strives to be all things for landscape professionals and professional landscapers who want one source for their materials. 

Big home improvement box stores don’t specialize, and therefore, their landscaping supplies are limited. 

A good landscape supply will stock pavers, landscape lighting and related accessories, retaining wall blocks, natural flagstone slabs, sand, stone veneer, cobblestone, decorative stone and gravel, mulch, compost, irrigation supplies, outdoor features (including fireplace or fountain kits), base materials, mortar, concrete, landscape fabric and edging, topsoil, boulders and rip rap, landscaping timbers, power tools and hand tools, safety equipment, and landscaping equipment such as mowers, sprayers, and spreaders, and much more.

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Some larger landscape supply companies blur the line between landscape supply and nursery. They supply sod, outdoor plants, tree and plant care products, fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides, ice melt, bulbs, grasses, seeds, soil amendment chemicals, fencing materials (including electric fencing), sprinklers and hoses, gardening equipment, and more.

Some also offer maintenance services for chainsaws, mowers, and other light landscaping equipment.

Knowing what professional landscape companies and both novice and hardcore DIY landscape professionals want and need takes experience. 

Having an experienced and knowledgeable crew on hand to answer questions and guide you to the right solutions is absolutely necessary. This includes identifying the right materials for any given project. For example, you might need assistance deciding between permeable vs. non-permeable driveway pavers; calculating the quantities of all necessary materials; assisting in the design of complex systems such as irrigation or drainage; and obtaining necessary information on additional products that will result in a successful project.

2. Do They sell Top Quality Materials?

A good landscape supply company will have relationships with top manufacturers of hardscape materials, tools and equipment, lighting, and more. A customer should never have to wonder if they’re getting top-shelf or budget-friendly goods. A good landscape supply will offer a range of products to suit different budgets. When budgets and designs clash, the staff can make recommendations for alternative materials or help make adjustments to the design.

3. Do They Work With Both Contractors and landscape professionals? 

A good landscape supply isn’t just geared to contractors or to landscape professionals, but it carries both consumer and pro lines to meet the needs of both, since they often overlap. A friendly and knowledgeable staff helps contractors optimize their time in the store, while guiding novices toward the products – and the services – that will best meet their needs.

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4. Do They Have a Great Relationship With Their Customers?

Repeat customers are vital for a landscape supply company. Other than stocking a broad selection of quality materials and having outstanding customer service, here’s how a landscape company should take care of its customers.

A good landscape company will have an excellent relationship with its commercial customers (landscape contractors, design professionals, and builders) and will be able to refer landscape professionals to these services should a project end up being more than landscape professionals can handle on their own. 

Materials should be clearly displayed. An ideal display helps people make decisions, especially with higher-priced items such as pavers or wall units.

Deliveries should be timely and professionally executed. And, any returns or warranties should be taken care of promptly, cheerfully, and to the customer’s satisfaction.

At Watsons, we strive to be your go-to landscape supply company. Whether you’re a contractor or a landscape professional, your next landscaping project will be in great hands at Watsons!